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Transbaikal State University Journal , №7 2021

    Full version of the journal

    Earth science

Panych A. .
Sharapov N. .
Sokolov A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Golitsyna Z. .
Possibilities of studying the lunar soil and comparing the compositions of lunar and terrestrial clinopyroxenes
Mammadov M. A.
Akhmedova  L. A.
Anthropogenic transformation of mountain-forest soils in the north-east part of the Lesser Caucasus (in the basin of Babadjan river)
Ovseychuk V. .
Dependence of uranium extraction into solution during heap leaching on the petrographic composition of ores
Fatyanov A. .
Scheglova S. .
Optimization of the processing technology of copper ores of the Udokan deposit
Cherkasov  V. G.
Shumilova L. .
Creation of local circuits in water treatment systems for mobile enrichment complexes

Konkin A. .
Romanova I. .
The BRICS countries: a new area for the multilateral interaction of cultures and civilizations
刘净娟 . .
Study on the Spatial Policy of Coordinated Development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
Romanov V. .
Romanova I. V.
The current demographic situation of the Transbaikal Territory: dynamics and orientation of the main indicators
Sun Shengnan . .
China’s poverty alleviation strategy and its global significance

Bergen D. .
Analysis of the ecological and economic efficiency of the boiler modernization project
Romanov V. A.
Khubulova V. .
Ivanchenko I. .
Romanova M. .
Education 4.0: new competences for the digital economy
Krasovskaya I. .
Malyshev E. .
Shamray F. .
Development of the Russian and world industrial economies: theory, practice, specificity of venture business
Oborin M. .
Transformational factors of the formation and implementation of the innovative potential of the regional economy
Bunkovsky V. .
Zhou Lina,  . .
Global trends in investment and innovation

Malyshev E. .