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transbaikal state university journal, №5 2021

    Full version of the journal

    Earth science

Nickel and copper migration forms of ultrafresh waters in the Kola region central part
Factors affecting the process of soil and rock massif destruction
Makarov V. N.
Potapov V. Y.
Makarov N. .
Ways to improve the energy efficiency of shaft centrifugal pumps
Antimony oxide form enrichment line оn the example of the «Zhipkhosha» field
Yurgenson G. .
Peculiarities of the pyrite chemical composition in the supra-ore zone of the Taseevskoe gold-silver deposit (Russia, Transbaikalia)

Beidina  T. .
Litovchenko A. .
The position of Western and Eastern political scientists on the Mongolian Political Reality
Beydina T. .
Zimina N. .
Novikova A. .
Political parties in the russian regional political process
Konkin A. .
Romanova I. .
Cinema as a promising area for the development of the political and cultural dialogue of the BRICS COUNTRIES
Matveeva E. .
Monitoring websites of municipal bodies аs a means of communication between the authorities and the public (based on the materials of the regional study)
Romanova N. .
Romanova I. .
Social governance as a regulator of human behaviour culture

Sharaldaev B. .
Spatial structure transformation of the Ulan-Ude city western and southern suburbs
Dugina E. .
Dorzhieva E. .
Garmaeva L. .
Assessment of the state region food supply system in the context of digital transformation
Krasovskaya I. .
Malysheva T. .
Industrial economics in the context of globalization: scientific, practical foundations and development priorities
Rasulinezhad E. .
Подходы регионализма в условиях COVID-19