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Transbaikal State University Journal т. 27,, №1 2021

    Earth science

Zaslonovsky V. .
Sharapov N. .
Босов . .
On methodological approaches to the improvement of surface water bodies and target indicators of the natural waters’ quality
Tsyrenov T. .
Rare-earth element distribution features in natural-technogenic complexes of some polymetallic deposits of Eastern Transbaikalia
Shesternev D. .
Verkhoturov A. .
Influence of natural conditions of the territory on flooding of artificial coverings of the airport of Chita
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Bulakh E. .
Leonenko T. .
Tsoy V. .
Forms of the local community functioning in the framework of territorial self-government (TSG) on the territory of municipalities of the Russian Federation
Demberel K. .
Potential possibilities of Khalkhin-gol region in the development of international tourism
Zimina N. .
Analysis of the modern political parties’ functionality in Russia
Ivanova M. .
Political modernization of Russia: to the history of the problem study
Romanova N. .
Kononov S. .
Zhukov  A. .
Zhukova  A. .
Evolution of the “regional security” concept in the world political science
Romanova N. .
Kononov S. .
Shevchenko M. .
Shevchenko Y. .
Conceptualization of social security of the region in the context of political regionalism and philosophical discourse
Romanova N. .
Kononov S. .
Shevchenko M. .
Shevchenko Y. .
Regional security studies in modern federal state educations: government and regional discourses

Gonin  V. .
Bochkareva I. .
Gonin A. .
Development of a methodology for forming a strategy for the activity of a regional car dealer network
Lim I. .
Calculation of economic feasibility and optimization of the number of bus flights taking into account the digital transformation of the passenger transportation control system
Parfenova K. .
Baranova O. .
Economic and geographical position transbaikal region: territorial sub-levels and institutional component
Zhang Wei . .
Model of organizational and economic mechanism for export enterprises’ sustainable development

Dugina E. .