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Transbaikal State University Journal, №9 2020

    Earth science

Modern destructive riverbed processes of the river Onon in the Transbaikal region
Kurganovich K. .
Босов . .
Razgildeeva I. .
Kochev D. .
Geoarchaeological mapping of Stone Age sites and mineral outputs of Titovskaya Sopka (Eastern Transbaikalia): a practical aspect

Kononov S. .
Prerequisites for the formation of a social security philosophy in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union
Romanova I. V.
Zhukova  A. .
Methodology for studies of religious and political threats in modern socio-political science and philosophy
Petrov Y. .
Grigoriev N. .
Elections to regional parliaments of Russia on the example of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Pecheritsa V. .
Mefodieva S. .
Cross-border cooperation between Russia and China: experience and problems
Romanov V. .
Romanova I. .
Social fraud-covid-19 and manipulative social Engineering technologies
Sharenkova T. .
Tarabarko K. .
Brief analysis of educational policy of the People’s Republic of China

Развитие платформенной экономики в России: возможные негативные последствия для сибирских и дальневосточных регионов
Lo Thi Hong Van . .
Guzikova  L. .
Challenges and prospects for the Vietnam’s manufacturing industry development in the context of industry 4.0
Lukiyanova M. .
The impact of state financial control instruments on the assessment of the state and municipal property management efficiency
Oborin M. .
Factors of innovative growth of the construction industry in Russia /
Tarkhanova N. P.
Romanov V. A.
Digitalization of the service economy: advantages and threats
Tumunbayarova Z. .
Bochkareva I. .
Improvement of the quality assessment methodology Of municipal finance management

Kirdyashkin A. .