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Transbaikal state university journal, №8 2020

    Earth science

Gruzdev R. .
Magnetic survey – ground technology, aeromagnetic survey on aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles: a comparative analysis of the results (on the example of Eastern Transbaikalia)
Enikeev F. .
Paleogeography of the Sartan glaciation of the Patomsky and North-Baikal highlands
Natural resource potential for developing the competitiveness of the health resort complex of the Рerm region
Rubtsov Y. .
Trubachev A. I.
Voronov E. .
Lavrov A. Y.
Lavrik A. .
Intensification of dispersed and fine-grained silver extraction in cyanide heap leaching of gold
Yurgenson G. .
Myazin V. .
Development and testing of technology for processing sands from the dredge field test site for extracting gold and heavy minerals containing magnetic particles
Аntyukhova E. .
Macro factors of global education policy: PEST analysis

State policy of artificial intelligence development in russia: an analysis of strategic goals
Zimina N. .
Activity problems of regional branches of political parties in Russia in the conditions of the Transbaikal Region
Kononov S. .
Zhukov  A. .
Romanova  N. .
Modern western political and philosophical concepts of national and religious security
Romanova I. V.
Mladenov V. .
Zhukova A. A.
Religious and political threats to the state in the western political science and philosophy

Regional economic studies using algorithms of artificial intelligence: state and prospects
Dugina E. .
Saktoev V. .
Dorzhieva E. .
Role of modern technologies in the development of regional food market
Li Shuangshuang . .
Developing measures to improve the performance of transnational corporations in the context of a pandemic
Oborin M. .
Features of forming an effective system of educational services
Investments in the economy of the eastern regions of Russia: problems of an accelerated development