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    Earth science

Venslavsky  V. .
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Paleogeography of the Sartan Glaciation of the Hamar-Daban Ridge (Southern Baikal Region)
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Research of plastic ice, mineral formations and air of multi-frozen karst cave Heetey in Transbaikalia
Kirdyashkin A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Forces generating crystallization differentiation, and the evolution of the melt composition on the example of plagioclase
Kirdyashkin A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Influence of crystallization differentiation on the composition of the residual melt for plagioclase under different p-t conditions /
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Features of snow accumulation and snow cover parameters оn the Elkon mountain range

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Conceptual consideration of political, national and religious security in western political and philosophical science
 . .
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Resilience indicators of Kuzbass in the context of the 2020 pandemic (based on expert interviews)
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Ideas about religious and political threats in Russian political science and philosophy

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Housing conditions in the regions of east Russia: basic parameters and correlations
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The study of inter-regional cooperation relations in ensuring the economic security of territories under the conditions of COVID-19
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Modern views on promising areas for the deployment of ferrous metallurgy enterprises in Siberia
Tomskikh A. .
Demographics and personnel – key problems of the Far East and Transbaikalia