Vladimirov Igor Nikolaevich

Doctor of Geographical Sciences
Laboratory of Geomorphology • Directorate of the Institute

In 2001, he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Geography of Irkutsk State University and entered the graduate program at the Institute of Geography named after. V.B. Sochava SB RAS. In 2004, he defended his PhD thesis on the topic “Dynamics of taiga geosystems in the Pre-Baikal region: modeling and forecasting.”

In 2004 he was hired at the Institute of Geography named after. V.B. Sochavy SB RAS for the position of junior researcher, since 2005 – research fellow, since 2008 – scientific secretary of the Institute of Geography SB RAS, since 2013 – deputy director of the Institute of Geology SB RAS, since 2015 – acting director of the Institute of Geography SB RAS, since 2017 – Director of the Institute of Geography SB RAS.

In 2020, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Ecological potential of geosystems in Baikal Siberia.

Vladimirov I.N. – a major specialist in the field of complex physical geography, regional environmental management, geoinformation technologies in geosystem research, author and co-author of more than 170 scientific works, of which 11 are collective monographs.

Vladimirov I.N. the theoretical foundations and methodology for assessing the ecological potential of geosystems using GRID modeling and the hierarchy analysis method were developed for the first time; studied spatial changes in environmental factors in the Baikal region, causing deterioration of normal living conditions and health of the population, depletion of natural resources, reduction or loss of environment-resource-forming properties of geosystems; the methodology for landscape planning and scientific substantiation of the environmental acceptability of locating objects of economic activity in the Baikal natural territory has been improved; new methods of geographic information modeling of the dynamics and stability of geosystems, environmental zoning and landscape planning in the Baikal region have been developed, which have found practical use.

Vladimirov I.N. – member of the editorial board of the journals “Geography and Natural Resources”, “News of the Russian Geographical Society”, “News of the Irkutsk State University” Series “Earth Sciences”, “Chinese Geographical Sciences”.

Vladimirov I.N. – Member of the Joint Scientific Council on Fundamental Geographical Problems at the International Association of Academies of Sciences, OUS SB RAS of Geosciences, Scientific Council of the Russian Geographical Society, Commission on Territorial Organization and Planning of the Russian Geographical Society, Scientific Council of the SB RAS on the Problems of Lake Baikal, Steering Council of the Research Center for Sustainable Development of Northeast Asia IGSNRR.

Managed 2 grants from the President of the Russian Federation, 7 grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 1 grant from the Russian Geographical Society.

Laureate of the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Prize for Science and Technology (2001), National Prize of the Russian Geographical Society “Crystal Compass” (2016). Awarded Certificates of Honor from the SB RAS and the Presidium of the Institute of Science and Technology SB RAS (2004, 2009, 2017), Gratitude from the Governor of the Irkutsk Region for conscientious long-term work and contribution to science (2012), Gratitude from the Mayor of the Angarsk City District (2016), Gratitude from the Mayor of Irkutsk (2019 ), Medal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia “For contribution to the implementation of state policy in the field of education and scientific and technological development.”