Alekseev Vladimir Romanovich 

Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Water Management, Honorary Member of the Russian Geographical Society.

Scientific interests and achievements
His most important achievements concerning the study of snow, ice and frozen rocks are as follows.
1. Current issues of morpholithogenesis in the peak belt of mountains and in river valleys of Southern Siberia have been developed
2. The features of the formation, distribution and dynamics of snow cover and avalanche danger in the Sayan-Baikal and Stanovoy uplands were revealed.
3. Engineering and geographical aspects of the theory of ice processes have been developed, the interaction of ice and engineering structures has been studied, and methodological recommendations have been proposed for combating dangerous ice phenomena on transport routes.
4. Theoretical foundations and methods for producing artificial ice with a loose structure have been developed.
5. Ideas have been developed about the structure, content and objectives of a new scientific direction in glaciology – ice studies.
6. Training course programs have been developed for the Faculty of Geography of Irkutsk State University in the disciplines “Permafrost Science and Glaciology”, “Geoecology” and “Nature Management in Cold Regions”.
7. The principles of construction and operation of a computer information retrieval system in the field of engineering glaciology, permafrost science and ice engineering – IcePE (Ice and Permafrost engineering) have been developed.
8. A set of methods for landscape indication of ice phenomena has been developed, based on an analysis of the conditions, factors and traces of the development of ice processes on the ground
9. For the first time in world literature, extensive information about aufeis and aufeis processes – a special form of congelation glaciation of the Earth and engineering structures – has been systematized and summarized in the form of a dictionary-reference book.
10. The basic principles and materials of a long-term study of cryogenic phenomena and the human environment in the conditions of Asian Russia have been synthesized. Projects
1998 – 2000 RFBR project No. 98-05-65122. Study of water and energy cycles in the permafrost zone. Mountain taiga aspect. Leader.
2002 – 2004 RFBR project 02-05-65253-a. Development of theoretical and regional foundations of aufeis studies (the doctrine of aufeis and aufeis processes). Supervisor.
2002 – 2004 RFBR project 02-05-39022-GFEN_a. Patterns of distribution and development of cryogenic processes and their impact on the stability of engineering structures in the permafrost zone of Russia and China. Executor.
2004. RFBR project 04-05-67036-b. Development of the material and technical base (MTB) for conducting research in the field of knowledge. Performer.
2004 – 2005 RFBR project 04-05-78045-d. Publication of the book “Landscape Indication of Ice Phenomena”. Leader, author.
2006 – 2008 RFBR project 06-05-64415-a. Ice and ice hazard in the Earth’s cryosphere. Supervisor.
2007 RFBR project 07-05-07044-d. Publication of the dictionary-reference book “Air Science”. Leader, author.
2008 RFBR project 08-05-07052-d. Publication of the book “Cryology of Siberia”. Leader, author.
2009 RFBR project 09-05-11512-s. Competition of popular science articles “Hydrovolcanism in the Earth’s cryosphere.” Leader, author.
2010 Project GOSKINO RF. Script for the film “Riddles of the Siberian Sphinx” (author, together with I. Yu. Rongainen).