Kuchinskaya Tatyana Nikolaevna 

And about. Head of the Department of Oriental Studies, Professor of the Department of International Law and International Relations.
Academic degree, academic title:
2003 – specialty, Chita State Technical University, diploma with honors, specialty “Regional Studies”, qualification “Specialist in Regional Studies”;
2007 – Candidate of Political Sciences, Transbaikal State University, dissertation on the topic: “Processes of political change in the globalizing “Chinese region””, scientific specialty 23.00.02 Political institutions, ethno-political conflictology, national and political processes and technologies;
2010 – academic title of associate professor in the Department of Oriental Studies;
2013 – Doctor of Philosophy, Transbaikal State University, dissertation on the topic “Architectonics of the sociocultural space of China in the conditions of transnational intercultural interaction between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China”, scientific specialty 09.00.13 Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture.
Additional professional education:
2006 – Higher school teacher (1080 hours), Chita State University, Chita;
2008 – Training in the field of testing in Russian as a foreign language according to the program “Linguodidactic testing (I level), 100 hours, Linguodidactic testing (II, III, IV levels), 100 hours, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow.
2008 – Methodology for teaching regional studies in universities. Experience of St. Petersburg, 72 hours, St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. prof. M. A. Bonch-Bruevich;
2017 – Advanced training for teachers and specialists on the issues of studying the Russian language (as a native, as a non-native, as a foreign language), as well as on the use of the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, working in the border regions of the Russian Federation, 72 hours, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education ” Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia”, Moscow;
2017 – Seven mistakes made by universities during state accreditation and control and supervisory activities, 40 hours, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2018 – Providing first aid, 18 hours. Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2018 – Modernization of basic professional educational programs of higher education based on professional standards, 72 hours, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2020 – Modern teacher of distance education, 16 h. LLC “Urayt-Academy”, Moscow 2021 – Trends in digital education, 72 h., LLC “Urayt-Academy”, Moscow;
2020 – State policy in the field of anti-corruption, 72 hours, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2021 – Electronic information and educational environment of the organization, 24 hours, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2021 – Occupational safety, 20 h., Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Transbaikal State University”, Chita;
2021 – Online course: from design to launching the platform, 36 hours. NI “Tomsk State University”, Tomsk;
2022 – Partnerships in digital education 2022-2030. Basic course, 72 hours, Urayt-Academy LLC, Moscow;
2023 – Teaching Chinese language and culture: past, present and future, 32 hours, Moscow City University, Moscow

Knowledge of foreign languages: Chinese, English.
Foreign language internships:
2008 – language internship for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language at Heilongjiang State University, Harbin, China.
2020 – 2020 Online Training Program for Chinese Teachers from Russia, August 10 to August 26 2020, Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China;
2022 – Training Course of Chinese Language at School of Chinese Language and Literature, 356 hours, 03/01/2022-07/15/2022, Beijing Foreign Studies University, P.R. China, HSKK 中级, 05/21/2022.

Scientific interests: Oriental studies, Chinese studies, philosophy of culture; traditional and modern Chinese culture, Chinese regionalism, regional cultures and cultural brands of the PRC, innovations in the regional development of the PRC, Russian-Chinese relations, cross-border/cross-border regionalism Russia-China-Mongolia; modeling and forecasting of regional sociocultural development; foresight research.
GRNTI codes: 23.00.00 Comprehensive study of individual countries and peoples; 23.53: East Asia; 11.15.25 Management of socio-political processes; 11.25.40 Regional problems; 11.25 Theory of international relations. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; 02.15.51 Philosophy of man; 02.15.61 Philosophy of values.
OECD Classifier: 5.09 Other social sciences Other social sciences OR ASIAN STUDIES Oriental studies; 5.07 Social and economic geography Social and economic geography BM AREA STUDIES International relations and regional studies.
Membership in scientific communities: He is a member of the international scientific team of the scientific “School of Interpretation of Regional Practices of Modern China” under the leadership of Professor N. A. Abramova; member of the International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD, 2010-2012); Member of the Association for the Development of Sinology, Orientalia Rossica – Russian oriental studies of the 21st century. Member of the open Internet project “Sinology.ru: history and culture of China.”
Since 2016, he has been a member of the dissertation council D212.299.04 for the defense of dissertations in the specialty 5.7.8 Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture (philosophical sciences) at Transbaikal State University.
Member of the regional branch of the Russian Professorial Assembly.
Since 2018 – expert of the Federal Register of Experts in the Scientific and Technical Sphere of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
Member of the editorial board of the journal of the Higher Attestation Commission “Bulletin of the Transbaikal State University” and scientific editor of the journal “Russia and China: problems of strategic interaction: collection of the Eastern Center” (RSCI).
Publications: is the author of more than 150 scientific publications on Chinese studies and Oriental studies, of which 5 are monographs, 33 are scientific articles in journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, 5 articles in journals included in the foreign citation indexes

Scopus, WofS; WofK, Agris, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online.
RSCI SPIN code: 8685-7289, AuthorID: 568062
Scopus ID 57190408659
ResearcherID Web of Science: A-2367-2013
Work experience at ZabSU: 19 years.
e-mail: kuchinskaya_t@mail.ru