Myazin Viktor Petrovich

Professor of the Department of Mineral Processing and Secondary Raw Materials, Honored Professor of ZabSU

Disciplines taught: Design of processing plants (environmental protection), patent information research, methodology of scientific creativity, graduate school management

Academic degree – Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic title – professor

Direction of training and specialty: Krasnoyarsk Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals named after. M.I. Kalinina; electrification and automation of mining operations; mining electrical engineer

From April 15, 2010 to April 30, 2010 Faculty of Advanced Training of ZabIZhT under the program “Ensuring environmental safety when working in the field of hazardous waste management”

Management of the scientific school “Research and development of resource-saving, environmentally friendly innovative technologies for physical and chemical enrichment and processing of clayey gold-bearing sands, low-grade ores, man-made formations and waste”

Total work experience – 52 years

Work experience in specialty – 43 years