Contents of the article and general rules for its design

– scientific direction of the journal;

UDC code;

– first name, patronymic, last name of the author (co-authors) (in full) (in Russian and English);

– affiliation of the author (co-authors) (in full) (in Russian and English);

– title of the article (in Russian and English);

– abstract – 200–250 words (in Russian and English). The abstract should reflect: topic, purpose of the work; tasks; results; conclusions. Based on the abstract, the reader should determine whether it is worth accessing the full text of the article to obtain more detailed information of interest to him.

– key words and phrases separated by a comma – at least 10 (in Russian and English);

– gratitude – information about research funding, grants, gratitude, is placed after the keywords in Russian and English.

– the main part. The text of the article should have the following structure: introduction, relevance, object, subject, purpose, objectives, methodology and research methods, development of the topic, research results, conclusions.

list of resources;

– information about the author (authors): last name, first name, patronymic, academic degree, academic title, position held, place of work, city, country (in Russian and English), e-mail, ORCID;

– scientific interests of the author (authors) (in Russian and English);

– authors’ contribution to the article.