Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 23. No. 6

Earth sciences

Pdf_ico Golyatina M., Kurganovich K. Assessment of the IvanoArakhley Lakes Water Area Changes According to Remote Sensing Data
Pdf_ico Konovalova N., Dabizha O., Koryakina E., Pankov P. ChemicalBiological Strengthening of Soils with the Use of Stabilizing Additive «Element» for Protection Against Erosion
Pdf_ico Mironova E., Yurgenson G., Limberova V., Filenko R. The Influence of Bismuth and Antimony on Thermal Properties of Ores of Gold Deposits of the Transbaikal Region
Pdf_ico Sekisov G., Cheban A. Pilot Substantiation of the Mining and HydroSystem Complex
Pdf_ico Sekisov G., Yàkimov A. Scientific and Technical Direction «Technological Ore Homogeneity»
Pdf_ico Sinitsa S., Reshetova S., Vilmova E. Hypostratotypes of Ukureyskaya Formation of Novoberezovka and Olov Depressions of Transbaikalia (Part 1. Hypostratotype1 of Ukureyskaya Formation of Novoberezovka Depression)

Political sciences:

Pdf_ico Beydina T., Beydina A. New Approaches to the Social Policy in the USA
Pdf_ico Gazgireeva L., Burnyasheva L. Aspects of the New World Order Formation: Historical And Political Discourse
Pdf_ico Davyborets E., Radikov I. Electoral Culture in Russia and the USA: Comparative Analysis
Pdf_ico Zhukov A., Zhukova A., Romanova I. Historical and Political Features of the German Ethnos Migration in Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Petrov Yu., Grigoriev N. Realization of Regional Policy in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


Pdf_ico Bulakh E., Romanova I., Sharaldaeva A. Formation of Enterpreneurship Activity: Genesis and Prospects
Pdf_ico Veretyokhin A. Management of Industrial Enterprise Environmental and Economic Safety Level with the Use of FuzzyMultiple Instrumentation
Pdf_ico Medvedeva N. Methodological Approach to Normalization of Labour Costs for Teachers of General Education Organizations
Pdf_ico Eloyan A. Problems of Formation of Environment Protection Infrastructure: Waste Management in the City

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Pdf_ico Transbaikal State University Journal. 2017. Vol. 23. No. 6