Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 23. No. 10

Earth sciences

Pdf_ico Belykh M., Chikin A., Petrov S., Belkova N. Passive detoxification technology of cyanide­bearing compounds in gold heap leach stockpiled wastes
Pdf_ico Konovalova N., Dabizha Î., Yarilov E., Koryakina E., Koryakina P. Disposal of large­tonned waste of produc­ tion with the purpose of obtaining economically effective road­building materials
Pdf_ico Makarov V., Potapov V., Makarov N., Udachina N. Математическая модель круговой решетки профилей с вихреисточником
Pdf_ico Satylkanov R. Temporal variability of atmospheric precipitation in the Issyk­Kul basin
Pdf_ico Shcherbatyuk A.P. Environmental assessment of atmospheric air quality in the Siberian federal district on the example of the Transbaikal Region

Political sciences:

Pdf_ico Zhilyaeva M. Ethno­cultural competence as an element of political competence in the regional social policy
Pdf_ico Zhukov A., Zhukova A., Romanova I. Religious and political ideas of China in the territory of modern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Konkin A. Analysis of the potential of BRICS countries’ cooperation in the system of global governance
Pdf_ico Omelichkin O. Prospects for development of Russian political culture
Pdf_ico Stelmashenko O. State program of compatriots’ resettlement: problems of its realization in Transbaikal region


Pdf_ico Glazyrina I., Delyuga A. The new program of the Baikal region development and problems of institutional transformation governance
Pdf_ico Kislitsyn E. The principles of building a simulation model of a market with limited competition (on the example of market operators in the city of Yekaterinburg)
Pdf_ico Tikhomirov A., Arfae A. Formation and development of intellectual capital in the management system of human resources of the company
Pdf_ico Khalimbekov Kh., Aydaeva S., Khametova Z.­Kh., Abakarova D., Adzhieva E. Methodology of social and economic effectiveness estimation of the tourist­recreational complex of the region
Pdf_ico Shakhbanova Z. Support mechanism of innovations implementation by enterprises of tourism sphere in conditions of touristic­recreational clusters formation